Meet J Shoop

A Working Knowledge of Well Chosen Words

YOU now have the opportunity to leverage J's obsession with well-chosen words.

He collaborates with aspiring speakers to make the fewest words go the farthest.

For a good portion of J's life, he thought he wanted to be a motivational speaker. He enjoyed telling stories, inspiring others, and sharing the insights and universal principles that could help others maximize their potential and realize their dreams.

Why does he want to help you develop YOUR stories?

J has always loved spreading positivity and hope. He loves coaching and teaching others, and he especially loves learning. Subsequently, he sought out the top leaders in the field of speaking, motivation, and personal development. 

He received personal mentoring from the masters… some living like Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, John C. Maxwell, and Tony Robbins, and others that have passed on, like Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale, Stephen Covey, and Napoleon Hill.

As a result of all of this coaching and a couple decades of study alongside these legends, he also learned something really big and really important about himself... 

He discovered an unexpected gift

It turned out that it wasn’t the gift of getting on stage and inspiring audiences, it was the gift of working with aspiring speakers and entrepreneurs to develop killer stories, strategically sequencing the right words, in the right order, in such a way that made a penetrating impact in the hearts and ears of their audience, every time.

And he also realized this other really-big thing… 

Not everyone else has this gift!

So he began leveraging this gift by working seriously on his craft. He relentlessly probed and interviewed professional speakers. He studied phraseology and psychology. He's attended hundreds of live seminars and presentations. 

He's learned what worked with an audience and what didn’t. That contrast provided the necessary fuel for him to start creating better and more effective talks.

He's written hundreds of talks for himself and others. And, he's likely watched over ten-thousand hours of YouTube and TED Talk videos. 

Sounds sick, right? 

(And yeah, that’s like four hours a day, five days a week, for roughly a decade! We did the math!)

J Shoop holds a vision of possibility for you, and your message.

He will help you uncover your meaningful message, and then work with you to convert it into purpose, or profit, or both.

It's time for you to unlock your authentic voice, and create your own tedworthy talk. 

You Can Do This !

Our dynamic process is designed to help you create a compelling, power-packed, 5 - minute talk that will deliver a lasting and penetrating impact in the hearts and ears of your ideal audience.

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